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Vertex Form of a Quadratic Model

f(x) = y = a(x - h)^2 + k

*the vertex is the point (h, k)
*very similar to y = a|x - h| + k, which we have explored in the past

Graphing a Quadratic Model in Vertex Form
1) Graph the vertex (h, k) on the coordinate plane and draw in the axis of symmetry.
2) Find another appropriate point on the parabola by selecting an appropriate value of x.
3) Plot the new point and its reflection on the coordinate plane.
4) Once you have the vertex, a point to the left, and a point to the right, it is time to sketch the curve.

For more help with graphing parabolas in vertex form, click on the video below.

For help with converting from standard form to vertex form, click on the videos below.

For help with finding the vertex form of a quadratic model if you are given a point and the vertex, check out this video.

Finally, if you are still struggling, go to the link below for Prentice Hall. Here, there are additional resources for you, including Homework Video Tutors.

Prentice Hall Algebra 2

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